short documentary  |  2019  |  15 minutes

a film by William Whiteman

creative producer |  set director

a maffick media production



experimental documentary film  |  2019  |  92 minutes

an independent film by Luisa Dahringer & Halea Isabelle Kala

director  |  producer  |  dop



Victor Grossman  - the American 'born into red diapers baby'  went from Harvard to East Berlin and remains there to this day.



This is a loving portrait of Victor Grossman - a US leftist activist, journalist, and writer who was forced to flee McCarthyism in America and defected to the Soviet Bloc in 1952. In this short film, about his life, he takes us back in time. On a journey through memory lane or Karl Marx Allee where he has been living in the same flat since 1961. We reminisce with the defected New Yorker about the up- and downsides of life the GDR  and how he ended up there in the first place.  

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