short documentary  |  2018 |  10 minutes

a film by Lula Dahringer 

director  |  producer  

a maffick media production



experimental documentary film  |  2019  |  92 minutes

an independent film by Luisa Dahringer & Halea Isabelle Kala

director  |  producer  |  dop


Dressing up in blackface once a year is an actual thing in the Netherlands. 




Black Pete is Santas' friendly 'helper' who brings sweets to the kids.  After years of peaceful protest, the character is slowly changing it's appearance from that of a  Minstrel's character to soot-faced chimney slider. 2019 (!) was the first year that blackface had been officially forbidden on the nationally televised Christmas parade in the Netherlands. However, according to a study in the same year, 59% of the Dutch still want to hold onto the tradition with Black Pete in blackface. This report explores the origins of this tradition, it portrays those who argue for it and those who try to explain how easy it could be to find a compromise that does not discriminate. 

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