music video  |  2019  |  4 minutes

a film by Lula Dahringer & Alice Huet

director  |  producer  |  dop

a sneaky reptile production



experimental documentary film  |  2019  |  92 minutes

an independent film by Luisa Dahringer & Halea Isabelle Kala

director  |  producer  |  dop


Krimi happened on one fine afternoon. We took our camera, dressed our friends as right-wing scum  & started to shoot around our neighborhood. 




Krimi is a music video for the band Rancune. The lyrics of their song Krimi are based on a true story. Namely, the kickboxer Krimi, who is played by Krimi, fights the Nazi’s through intellect and manpower. A man on a mission. Krimi kicks ass. 

Starring: Desi, Fabian, Joey & Marc as Nazis', Vincent 'Krimi' Platoche as Krimi ,Kneipen Gabi as Kneipen Gabi. Music: Rancune

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